How much does it cost to max out king tower 14 in clash royale?

One of the most fundamental things in Clash Royale is experience. The power of a player’s king and princess towers is mostly determined by their experience level; however, acquiring experience in Clash Royale is no simple process, therefore one cannot just max their king tower overnight. We will discover some advice for getting to Clash Royale’s King Level 14 or to buy King Tower 14, here. There are many markets to use and improve your game level. Gamestores is one of the most reliable sources for this goal!

How to swiftly get to King Level 14 in Clash Royale?

Upgrading the worse cards first zip initially requesting cards

As you know, when we buy royale account, lower-level cards offer higher gold worth for experience points in Clash Royale. When upgrading cards from levels 1 to 2, for instance, players receive 0.8 experience points per gold value, whereas when upgrading cards from levels 13 to 14, they receive 0.02 experience points per gold value. As a result, the experience system will be greatly impacted, and players should think about upgrading their lower-level cards first in order to get experience.


Players that are in a clan can ask for and give cards to other clan members. Giving away cards also provides players with experiences that they may use to enhance their king tower.

  • 1 Exp and 5 Gold are given for donating 1 common card.
  • Giving 1 rare card nets you 50 money and 10 experience points.
  • Giving 1 epic card nets you 10 experience points and 500 gold.

Players can contribute up to nine times their requested capacity each day, but there is a daily donation maximum. The prerequisites:

The levels of the cards can only be upgraded with gold, and only gold can bring them to their highest level. Challenges, treasure boxes, Clan wars, fights, contributions, and jewels may all be used to acquire the necessary cash.

  • 240,625 gold for standard playing cards
  • For rare cards, 240,600 gold
  • For epic cards, 239,400 gold
  • For legendary cards, 230,000 gold

3- Experience

The king and princess towers may be upgraded with experience. The total experience points required to raise the royal tower by levels. 1-14 is 203,770. When we upgrade a card of each rarity from its base level to its maximum level, we receive the following amount of card experience:

  • from common cards, 5,800 Exp
  • from rare cards: 5,791 Exp
  • From epic cards, 5,725 Exp
  • From legendary cards, 5,250 Exp

King’s Tower level 14, card upgrade prices, and more in Clash Royale!

Throughout the year, GameStores has been making waves of advancement modifications for Clash Royale, bringing new game items with them. The upcoming game update could feature the greatest advancement adjustment yet, helping players acquire Gold and upgrade cards more quickly.

The King’s Tower will get an upgrade in Clash Royale’s autumn update for the first time in five years. How these adjustments may impact game advancement, additional adjustments to card upgrade fees at lower and higher levels, and more have been covered in detail.

King’s Tower level improvement in Clash Royale

Card evolution has been the cornerstone of Clash Royale this year, from Magic Items to Gold Crates. As a result, reports claim that the incredibly famous King’s Tower will get a long overdue facelift as part of the next advancement adjustment in Clash Royale.

The King’s Tower will be raised from level 13 to level 14, according to Royale API, a trustworthy Clash Royale source. This also implies that level 14 will now be the top level for all cards.

Changes to the price of card upgrades in Clash Royale

Players won’t have to worry about card upgrades costing twice as much gold since, according to sources, it will be divided up across the final few levels.

The charges only apply to cards that haven’t been upgraded yet, as indicated. This implies that gamers won’t receive a refund if they previously spent extra gold to enhance their cards.

Once the new level is unlocked, maximum-level cards won’t have made any tangible progress to level 14 at that point. Cards from level 12 and lower that haven’t been upgraded will probably have an excess of cards as a result of the adjustments to card upgrade fees.

The Royale API website states that “this means that players who did not upgrade their cards may be closer to fulfilling the material level 14 criterion than a fully maximized gamer.”

What about Slash Royale in Clash Royale?

As of right now, players may upgrade all cards for half gold during the Slash Royale limited-time event, which runs through October 26. This also applies to Star Levels, where players may earn up to 200,000 gold depending on their Arena Level and get daily gold rewards in the Shop.

Players who are almost at their maximum level should wait until the limited-time event is over, especially because the next update will be out soon. At that point, players will have an abundance of cards that can help them advance to level 14.

The lesser card rarities, like Common and Rare, give greater value when turning card material into gold, thus players may still benefit from Slash Royale by upgrading them.


the only way to acquire experience is to upgrade cards and give them to other clan members; this is a lengthy process that takes time. Using the aforementioned advice will increase the quantity of experience points that gamers got. If you are interested in other games info or buy different games accounts, check out the Gamestores market!

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